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Applying for a grant - step by step

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What organizations are eligible for funding?

The Roncalli International Foundation never awards grants to private individuals.

The Foundation only gives funding to organizations that realize projects at the international level in developing countries.  

Here are the eligibility requirements.

The Foundation works with:  

  1. Canadian organizations that are recognized by the ministère du Revenu du Québec or the Canada Revenu Agency as a Canadian Registered Charity and that have a registration number
    • Canadian organizations or Canadian religious communities that work at the international level;
    • Organizations that do not work in developing countries are not eligible for funding from the Foundation;  
  2. Local organizations in one of the countries we serve that are endorsed by:  
    • A Canadian organization recognized by the Canadian government;  
    • A Canadian religious community recognized by the Canadian government and our Foundation; 
    • An organization in our international network; 
    • The Foundation, if you have realized a project in the past with us and its final report and results are positive. 
When should I submit my application?

Not in a hurry?

You may submit your application at any time of the year. 

Do you need an answer as soon as possible? 

To ensure that your request is processed more quickly, please submit your application on one of the following dates: 

  • January 31st
  • April 7th
  • September 1st

Why should you follow these application dates? 

If you submit your application on these dates, your application will be processed in a more structured manner. 

Grant applications are presented to the Board of Directors, reviewed by our committees for final approval. We meet four times a year at each trimester. 

Please note that:

  • All application received on September 1st, will be put on a waiting list, according to the date of reception.
  • It takes 4 to 6 months to process a grant application, from the submission of the application form and the required documents to the final decision about the application. 
  • We can process your application more quickly if it is complete when we receive it. 
  • Having access to the application form does not guarantee that your application will be approved.  
  • The availability of funds at the Foundation changes during the year. 
  • The Foundation approves requests based on the availability of funds. 
May I visit the Foundation and present my project and organization?

We would love to meet you at our office!  

Please contact us to schedule a meeting.  

Before scheduling a meeting, we recommend that you prepare your grant application, providing as much information as possible and a letter of intent (LINK TO DO). This way, we can set aside an appropriate time for our meeting. 

What are we looking for in a grant application? What are our criteria?

When reviewing grant applications, the Roncalli International Foundation gives priority to project proposals that: 

  • Are presented by a religious community or an organisation; personal requests are not eligible
  • Will be implemented in a developing country helped by the Roncalli International
  • Have goals that are appropriate for the area;
  • Guarantee continuity and multiplier effects; 
  • Have the potential for increased participation, participant empowerment and auto-evaluation by the community; 
  • Empower women;
  • Draw on resources and services from the area and other organizations;
  • Are achievable within a set timeframe;  
  • Show a relationship between the value and importance of the project and its implementation and administration costs;  
  • Are submitted by an organization that is recognized by a Canadian partner or a collaborator of the Foundation; 
  • Show clear benefits, if the proposed project is connected to a religious community; 
  • Are relevant to our mission;
  • Describes, if relevant, the experience gained during a previous project with the Foundation and the evaluation of the project by Foundation members. 
What kinds of projects are not funded by the Foundation?

The Roncalli International Foundation does not usually provide grants for the following:  

  • New building construction 
  • Large-scale projects (with some exceptions, such as after a natural disaster)  
  • Vehicle purchase or repair
  • Study grants or school fees
  • Seminars and trainings of future priest (in principle)
  • Personal expenses
  • Recurring fees (such as for a project that takes place over several years)  
  • The operating costs of an organization 
  • Salaries
  • Travel expenses (e.g. airfare) 
  • Projects that are not implemented in a developing country  
  • Student internships and international cooperation internships
  • Endowment funds or an organization's reserve funds  
  • Capital accumulation or the creation of a foundation
  • Emergency humanitarian aid 
  • Request of aid without a known agent of the Foundation
  • Debt financing
  • Activities of political content
What documents should I submit with my grant application?
Click here, in order to get the list and all the details of the documents that must be included with your grant application.
What is a Canadian Agent?

A Canadian agent must be a Canadian international cooperation organization that is recognized by the Ministère du Revenu du Québec or the Canada Revenue Agency as a registered Canadian charity with an official registration number. 

The agent agrees to act as the liaison between the local organization that is seeking funding and the Roncalli International Foundation.

Here are the agent’s main duties:

  • Following up on the project and be involved in the elaboration of the project idea and the grant request
  • Transferring the grant from the Foundation to the local organization;
  • Ensuring the successful implementation of the project
  • Ensuring that the final report is submitted to the Roncalli International Foundation when the project is completed. 
How to find a Canadian Agent

For a list of recognized organizations, we recommend that you visit the following website (French only): Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale 

If you do not have a Canadian agent, please mention it on your idea. An advisor from the Roncalli International Foundation will contact you if your project is otherwise eligible. 

How can I make my application stand out?

The Foundation pays special attention to:

  • Concrete activities and services provided by the organization to support poor people or local communities in developing countries. 
  • The effectiveness and relevance of the work within the community.  
  • Whether the organization is stable (if it has been in operation for at least 3 years). 
  • The organization’s determination to broaden its funding sources, to be well governed and to succeed. 
  • The description of the organization’s financial contribution or local participation to the project. 
Is there a limit to the number of grant applications I can submit a year?

Yes, we will only review one or two grant applications per organization per year (unless otherwise agreed). You must submit one project proposal at a time. 

The Foundation sets this limit based on the availability of funds and the recommendations of its Board of Directors. The Director may reserves the right to revise this number. 

Grants are not automatically renewed each year. You must submit a new grant application at Roncalli Admission.

For more access

If you present us with a complete and accurate final report at the end of your project, you will be more likely to secure other grants from the Foundation. 

Trust is very important to us! 

Grant amount awarded per project

The Roncalli International Foundation awards up to 20,000 Canadian dollars per project. 
 A project’s total expenses may be greater than this amount with the financial support of other partners.

Maximum contribution in local currency My application has been approved. What is the next step?

First of all, congratulations!

You will receive an official letter from the Director confirming the approval of your project, the official granted amount as well as an official project number. 

Before launching your project, please wait for an official letter from us. 

As soon as the Canadian agent that was named in your application has transferred the grant to you, we will require a proof of payment. 

Remember that you must keep a record of receipts that support your expenses. You will use this record to complete the final report once the project has been realized.  

You will receive further instructions to this effect.

My project has been accepted. What are my responsibilities?

You must implement the project as it was presented in the grant application you submitted. As soon as you complete the project, you must provide a final report as well as bank statements that support your expenses to the Roncalli International Foundation. We may ask you to provide an interim report for a major project.  

Within a few months of completing the project, you must fill out an online final report and attach all receipts that support project expenses. You must complete your project as submitted within two years of the Foundation’s official approval of your request. 

Members of the Foundation team may visit you at any time to review the progress of the project.

My application has been approved, but I have received only part of the funds that I requested. Why?

Here are some factors that may influence our final decision:

  • Some of the requested amounts may not fit within the Foundation’s funding parameters, for example, wages, recurring fees, honorariums, living expenses, etc.   
  • Exchange rates based on the stock market may have changed between the time you submitted your application and the time the grant was awarded. This might influence the final amount that you receive. Our grants are always given in Canadian dollars. The Foundation will not adjust the amounts awarded nor will it consider any change in exchange rate when awarding a grant. 
  • The availability of funds might have a bearing on whether or not your project was fully or partly funded. 
  • If the Foundation does not award the full amount that you requested for your project, we recommend that you request funding from other partners or a local organization. 
My application was declined. Why?

The Foundation is only able to award a limited amount of grants each year. The amount of funding it provides also depends on economic conditions. 

Subsequently, the Foundation may decline requests for funding from organizations that merit support. Please understand that the Foundation’s decisions are based on the availability of funds, and do not mean to discredit projects that have not been selected.

My application was declined. May I submit another application?

Yes, you may submit a new application.

However, a project that has been declined will not be considered again.  

How do I get in touch with you?

When contacting us about your grant application, please provide the exact title of the project, the country in which it will take place and the local project manager that you have named on your application.    

Please contact us for more information.