Press Release
Welcome to Nicola Di Narzo
September 11, 2017

We are pleased to welcome Nicola Di Narzo as a new member of our team here at the Roncalli International Foundation. Nicola will take over the position of International Projects Advisor—Latin America & Philippines. 

“There is so much indifference in the face of suffering.
May we overcome indifference with acts of concrete charity.”  Pope Francis.

December 16, 2016

By the Roncalli International Foundation

Provisional report post Hurricane Matthew (unofficial)
October 18, 2016

By: Michel Guillemette, Haiti advisor and project manager with Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti
Roncalli International Foundation

October 11, 2016

Montreal – October 11, 2016. The canonization of our "good pope" Angelo Roncalli in 2014 by pope François allowed to integrate recently this memorable name into the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. The liturgical calendar aims at reminding the life of several saints, source of enlightenment and prayers intended for the believers of the Church.

Provisional report post Hurricane Matthew (unofficial)
October 11, 2016

By: Michel Guillemette, Haiti advisor and project manager with Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti
Roncalli International Foundation

Working hand in hand for Haiti: the Roncalli International Foundation takes action following hurricane Matthew
October 6, 2016

Montreal, October 6, 2016 – Hurricane Matthew made important damages in several Southern regions of Haiti leaving the local population to face a big humanitarian disaster. To this day, the provisional reports reveal catastrophic damages: hundreds of casualties; thousands of families with no shelter, food or water; crops destroyed before the harvest; religious communities heavily affected. In response, the Roncalli International Foundation is sending out a call to re-establish its Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti. The Foundation is taking action to show compassion and solidarity with the people of Haiti as they face this new crisis.

January 12, 2015

January 12th 2010 will forever remain etched in everyone’s memory, and especially in the memories of the Haitian population. On a typical afternoon, the earth shook and took families, houses and schools… One minute, one people, one country to rebuild.

The Roncalli International Foundation Salutes the canonization of Pope John XXII, born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli
April 22, 2014

L'annonce de la canonisation le 27 avril prochain du pape Jean XXIII, né Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, a réjoui le monde et tout particulièrement la Fondation Internationale Roncalli, ses collaboratrices ainsi que les bénéficiaires de ses oeuvres.


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