Purchase of 15 Sewing Machines

Purchase of 15 Sewing Machines for the School of Aucayo 

Sewing workshops enable young girls at the Aucayo high school as well as young women of the community to receive training making clothing and providing for their families. 

The sewing machines used for the workshops date from 1961. Spare parts for this model no longer exist in stores, which makes maintenance of these devices impossible. 

The purchase of sewing machines enabled the young girls and women of the community to attend workshops in better conditions. When young women know how to sew, finding work in the city becomes easier.

Country: Peru
Aera of Action: Education
Granted amount: $4,536.00
Beneficaries: 200 girls in highschool | 30 women
Canadian partner: The Ursulines Canadian Union
Local partner: Ursulines in Aucayo