Working hand in hand for Haiti: the Roncalli International Foundation takes action following hurricane Matthew

October 6, 2016

Montreal, October 6, 2016 – Hurricane Matthew made important damages in several Southern regions of Haiti leaving the local population to face a big humanitarian disaster. To this day, the provisional reports reveal catastrophic damages: hundreds of casualties; thousands of families with no shelter, food or water; crops destroyed before the harvest; religious communities heavily affected. In response, the Roncalli International Foundation is sending out a call to re-establish its Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti. The Foundation is taking action to show compassion and solidarity with the people of Haiti as they face this new crisis.

Donating to Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti is an opportunity to show your compassion and to support the activities of our partners on site: the local religious communities and organizations working directly with the most destitute in Haiti, who often, don’t have access to funding from the major humanitarian organizations. Some have already notified us of the pressing need to rebuild educational, healthcare and sanitary infrastructure, and to restore agricultural, residential and religious frameworks. Help us respond to their call for help.

About the Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti 

This fund was created after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, in response to the urgent needs for reconstruction presented by the Foundation’s partners. An emergency team was established to respond to the many requests received by the Foundation. To this day, over 7.6 million dollars have been provided to fund 34 major reconstruction projects and 109 other projects directly related to infrastructure repairs. 

Our six (6) years of experience with Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti, combined with our partnership with two organizations in Haiti, can testify of the excellent results: solid buildings constructed according to standards and strong relationships with local organizations based on trust. We had recently exhausted the funding for the program, and the country is again struck by another catastrophe: Matthew.   

To donate to the Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti:

  • Online at using our link to*
  • By phone at (514) 384-5400
  • By mail: Please write your cheque* to: the Roncalli International Foundation and mention the:

Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti

  • 9001 boulevard de l'Acadie, suite 700
  • Montreal (Quebec) H4N 3H5

*An official tax receipt will be issued.

For Canadian religious communities that wish to make a donation, please use the Emergency Relief Fund—Haiti form or contact us. 

Stay informed about how your donation is being used to help!

Follow us on Instagram #WorkingHandInHandForHaiti to stay informed about the Emergency Relief Fund-Haiti, our local partners on site. You will also find information about the evolution of the situation with the affected population and the process of reconstruction.

About the Roncalli International Foundation

The mission of the Roncalli International Foundation is to manifest the compassion and the Providence of God to the most destitute people of the developing world in an effort to relieve the hardship caused by injustice and natural disasters.

We work to build very close partnerships with international cooperation agencies (ICA) as well as with religious and lay missionaries, who carry out projects that help local communities and churches discover their resources, improve their living conditions and stimulate growth. 

In the last 36 years, the Roncalli International Foundation has granted nearly $101 million for the completion of 9,133 projects in 94 developing countries. Together, with the support of our partners, this represents a total investment of more than $303 million. 

Sophie Labrecque
Executive Director
514 384-5400 extension 224

Gessie Myriam Michel
Communications Coordinator
514 384-5400 extension 229

Most recent news

February 22, 2018

It is with gratitude and compassion that now, in early 2018, we inform you of the results of Emergency Relief Fund-Haiti, a fund dedicated to providing aid in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which hit Haiti in October 2016. Through the generosity of our precious partners and our entire network, we have collected almost $1.7 million to support 23 aid projects.

October 11, 2016

Montreal – October 11, 2016. The canonization of our "good pope" Angelo Roncalli in 2014 by pope François allowed to integrate recently this memorable name into the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. The liturgical calendar aims at reminding the life of several saints, source of enlightenment and prayers intended for the believers of the Church.