January 12, 2015


Montreal, January 12th 2015 - January 12th 2010 will forever remain etched in everyone’s memory, and especially in the memories of the Haitian population. On a typical afternoon, the earth shook and took families, houses and schools… One minute, one people, one country to rebuild. 

The Roncalli International Foundation was profoundly affected by the magnitude of the earthquake and by its impact on the Haitian population and on our partners. From the very beginning, the Foundation’s team and management were on site. We have seen and lived with them, but mostly, we have listened to the needs of Haitian women and men. Many religious communities as well as local and Canadian lay organizations that have been supported and recognized by the Foundation for 35 years, found themselves homeless and without safety, in the span of one minute.

The Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti was created with a specific goal: to help with the rehabilitation of infrastructures so that religious communities as well as local and Canadian organizations could continue their mission with the population.

A positive outlook and significant achievements – Se yon bèl siksè pou nou tout

Five years after the earthquake, the Roncalli International Foundation is proud to announce that the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti has to date received $3.9 million, enabling the achievement of 14 major infrastructure projects. Moreover, as part of the Foundation’s regular fundraising campaign, an additional $2 million was gathered to help achieve 109 small projects. The Roncalli International Foundation’s total aid has therefore been $5.9 million, of which all administration fees have been taken over by the Foundation. We can thus affirm that for each dollar given to the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti, the Foundation has given an additional $1 to the projects.   

The religious communities as well as the local and Canadian organizations work in several departments of the country and in various sectors, among which, education and orphanages, training, health care and agriculture. The earthquake has seriously damaged their infrastructures, making it hard to provide the services and aid to the population. The Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti has enabled, among other things, the reconstruction of several homes and fences for the religious communities as well as the rehabilitation of community and training centres. It is important to conclude that these communities, through our help, were able to resume their activities and pastoral services under the best possible conditions, with the most disadvantaged and poorest people. There is so much more to accomplish…

We invite you to view the video, shot during the Foundation’s mission in Haiti, which portrays the projects accomplished under the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti. This video is available online via our website (www.roncalli.ca) or via our newsletter. 

Valued partners with whom we work hand in hand 

To carry out the projects in Haiti according to our values and our determination, the Foundation cooperates with valued partners who share the same vision. Beyond the technical and human management of these projects, for us it is a question of creating added values for the population. 

We would like to warmly thank these partners who ensure successful implementation of the projects in Haiti and with whom we have been working very closely for several years now: 

  • The Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) - Haiti, a Canadian NGO based in Haiti for 43 years and led by its local Director, Mr. Guypsy Michel. 
  • FODES-5, a private Haitian non-profit organization led by Mr. Alfred Étienne and whose mission is to promote the economic, social and cultural development in order to help local populations improve their quality of life.

 All the projects were carried out according to our model of intervention FORCE (STRENGHTS): Roncalli Foundation, Organization, Responsible body, Coefficiency-Targets, Execution of the project. All the projects meet the international anti-earthquake standards.  In addition, audits have been performed in order to ensure the safety and quality of the lands, and also to receive the Haitian State’s recognition. We supported highly competent Haitian teams and the results are very promising for this population’s desired future.  

A big THANK YOU to all our partners 

We wish to warmly thank the religious communities as well as all the donors for their loyalty, their compassion towards the Haitian people and their confidence in the Foundation and its partners in achieving these projects. Without your help, nothing is possible.  

  • Antoniennes de Marie
  • Congrégation de Notre-Dame de Charité du Bon Pasteur
  • Congregation of Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland
  • Filles de la Charité du Sacré-Cœur-de-Jésus
  • Filles de la Croix
  • Filles de Marie-de-l’Assomption
  • Institut Sœurs de l’Immaculée
  • Institut des Sœurs de Sainte-Marthe de Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Institut Séculier Les Oblates Missionnaires de Marie Immaculée
  • Les Servantes du Très Saint-Sacrement
  • Les Sœurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame
  • Missionnaires Oblates de Saint-Boniface
  • Petites Soeurs de l’Assomption
  • Petites Filles de Saint-François
  • Petites Franciscaines de Marie
  • Petites Sœurs de la Sainte-Famille
  • Religieuses des Sacrés-Cœurs et de l’Adoration Perpétuelle
  • Religieuses Hospitalières de Saint-Joseph
  • School of Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Sisters of Our Lady of the Cross
  • Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception
  • Sisters of Presentation - Newfoundland
  • Sisters of Saint Joseph in Canada
  • Sisters of Saint Martha - Antigonish
  • Sœurs de la Charité d'Ottawa
  • Sœurs de la Charité de Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Sœurs de la Charité de Saint-Louis – Généralat
  • Sœurs de la Présentation de Marie du Québec
  • Sœurs de la Providence
  • Généralat
    • Province Émilie-Gamelin
    • Holy Angels Province
    • Mother Joseph Province
    • Province Bernarda Morin
    • Our Lady of Providence Vice-Province
  • Sœurs de l’Enfant-Jésus de Chauffailles
  • Sœurs de l’Institut Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil de Montréal
  • Sœurs de Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice
  • Sœurs de Notre-Dame du Perpétuel-Secours
  • Sœurs de Saint-Joseph de Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Sœurs de Saint-Joseph de Saint-Vallier
  • Sœurs de Sainte-Anne
  • Sœurs de Sainte-Famille de Bordeaux
  • Sœurs des Sacrés-Cœurs
  • Sœurs Servantes du Saint-Cœur de Marie – Fonds Partage
  • Sœurs Servantes du Saint Cœur de Marie – Province Saint-Cœur de Marie
  • Sœurs Servantes Notre-Dame Reine du Clergé
  • Ursulines de l’Union Canadienne
  • Clercs de Saint-Viateur
  • Congrégation de la Fraternité Sacerdotale
  • Congrégation du Saint-Esprit
  • Frères de la Charité
  • Les Marianistes
  • Institut des Frères Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde
  • Pères Montfortains
  • Les Prêtres de Saint-Sulpice de Montréal

Also :

  • Personal donations from religious men and women 
  • Œuvres Providence
  • Fonds Partage Providence
  • Providence Health and Services
  • Associates and employees, Holy Angels Province des Sœurs de la Providence
  • Associates and employees, Mother Joseph Province des Sœurs de la Providence
  • Other donors via CanaDon / Canada Helps

The needs are still present: the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti 2 is underway

Given the scope of the needs, it is needless to say how much the Roncalli International Foundation needs your help to make a difference and to keep hope for a better future of the Haitian people. In the context of this 5th anniversary, we take this opportunity to reiterate our support by launching a second aid fund: the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti 2, with a goal of $4 million. The purpose is to complete projects which failed to find help elsewhere and whose results will aim to develop   revenue-generating and management opportunities for the communities.

To make a donation and continue supporting the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti: 

  • Online at www.roncalli.ca via our link with CanaDon.org
  • By telephone at (514) 384-5400
  • By mail, making your cheque* payable to the Roncalli International Foundation and bearing the mention
  • Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti at the following address : 
  • 9001, l'Acadie Blvd, office 700
  • Montreal (Quebec) H4N 3H5
  • * An official tax receipt will be issued.

For religious communities wishing to make a donation, please contact us to obtain the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti donation form.

About the Roncalli International Foundation 

The Mission of the Roncalli International Foundation is to manifest the compassion and the Providence of God to the most disadvantaged populations in developing countries in order to alleviate the misery caused by injustice and disasters.

Its actions focus on the development of very close partnerships with international cooperation agencies (ICA) as well as with religious and lay missionaries, who give their support through projects to local communities and churches in order to help them discover their resources, improve their living conditions and stimulate their growth.

In 35 years, the Roncalli International Foundation has worked in 94 developing countries, granted nearly $98 million for the completion of 8,925 projects, which, with the support of its partners, represent a total investment of over $292 million

A big THANK YOU to our Canadian religious communities which contributed to the Emergency Relief Fund – Haiti. Without your help, nothing is possible. Men anpil, chay pa lou. Mèsi anpil!

For further information, visit www.roncalli.ca.

Sophie Labrecque 
Executive Director
514 384-5400 ext. 224 

Julie Loiseau
Communications representative
514 384-5400 ext. 223

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