The Roncalli International Foundation Salutes the canonization of Pope John XXII, born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli

April 22, 2014

The Congregation of the Sisters of Providence, a catholic religious community founded in Montreal in 1843, had the vision to create the Roncalli International Foundation in 1974. It is a foundation independent from their congregation named in honour of the “good pope”, acknowledged for his benevolence and his devotion to the most destitute populations. Motivated by his openness on the world and his mission to help the poorest in developing countries, the Foundation is pleased to have contributed to 8,700 projects in over 94 countries since its official take-off in 1980.

A man of the Church open to the world

Initially perceived as a “transition pope”, Pope John XXIII elicited great consternation when he called for an Ecumenical Council in 1959. For nine decades, no opportunity had been offered to reunite members of the Church from around the world, in order to reflect on what is and what should be the Catholic Church, its functions, and its relationship to the world and to other religions. With the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), John XXIII initiated an update of the Church at a turning point in the second half of the 20th Century, marked by several upheavals and advances in terms of geopolitical, scientific and sociological levels. He wished to bring the Catholic religion closer to people and to give it a special significance in their reality. While being rich in fulfillments, his papacy was to be short-lived (1958-1963) and John XXIII died on June 3rd 1963.

Inspired by the goodness of soul, the simplicity and the exceptional contribution of John XXIII, Pope Francis infringed the rule by authorizing his canonization without a 2nd miracle since his beatification 14 years ago: “We are all aware of the virtues and personality of Pope Roncalli, there is no need to explain the motives of the decision on his Holiness”.

A campaign suited to Roncalli

To acknowledge this historical event, the Roncalli International Foundation chose to carry out a very particular campaign by distributing cards bearing the image of John XXIII. Featuring excerpts from speeches, quotes or prayers that are significant to his path and representative of the values and mission of the Foundation, these messages, more topical than ever, invite introspection and promotion of mutual aid and tolerance, to inspire mankind.

In order to support the Foundation in pursuing its aid commitment with local populations and communities in developing countries, the public can, if they have a mind to it, contribute by a symbolic donation in the framework of this campaign. It is possible to obtain these cards and to make a donation:

  • By contacting the Foundation at 514 384-5400 or by e-mail at
  • Via the Foundation’s site at and going to the “Make a donation!” tab on our home page.

About the Roncalli International Foundation

The mission of the Roncalli International Foundation is to manifest the compassion and the Providence of God to the most destitute peoples of the developing countries in an effort to relieve hardship caused by injustice and disasters.

Its action is focused on the development of a very close partnership with international cooperation organizations (ICO) as well as with religious and lay missionaries, who assist, through various projects, local populations and Churches, helping them discover their resources, improve their living conditions and stimulate their growth.

In 34 years, Roncalli International Foundation has worked in over 94 developing countries, has granted nearly 95 million dollars for the achievement of 8,700 projects, which, with the support of its partners, represent a total investment of over 286 million dollars.

Julie Loiseau
Communications Coordinator
514 384-5400 ext. 223

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